Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Real Story of Thanksgiving.

In his book See, I Told You So, Rush Limbaugh  tells a story about the "First Thanksgiving" that is a little different than the one we were taught in school.  Each year he retells the story on his radio show.  I would just post a link to it, but since I heard him say on the radio that he's ok with people disseminating  it, even without giving him credit, I'll post it here.  I wouldn't consider posting it without credit, but from what Mr. Limbaugh said on the radio, I'm pretty sure I can post it here without issue.

Since he just retells it each year, minor details vary from year to year, and he does insert the occasional sarcastic statement, but the overall story is pretty well documented from the pilgrim's own journals.  We've just revised the history to suit a leftest bent.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  We're all full, and the first turkey I ever cooked turned out very well.  I was extremely thankful to have the wonderful feast I did.

I am thankful I have some work, and some income.
I am thankful for my wonderful wife.
I'm thankful I have a family that is helping me out during lean financial times.
I am thankful I live in a country that is (for the time being) still free.
I'm thankful I live where there is clean air, water and food.

I'm thankful for a many more things than I can list.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Today has been a fairly busy day.  It's the day to get ready for Thanksgiving Day.  My wife and I are cooking the turkey this year.  We made up a brine, and are going to brine the turkey tonight.  Tomorrow, I'm going to cook it.  Since it's my first time, I hope I do it OK.

We're having a massive feast for just four people.  We're having turkey, mashed potatoes, two types of stuffing, green beans, beats, gravy, rolls, salads, a relish plate, home made cranberry sauce and perhaps asparagus. We'll finish it off with pumpkin pie, ice cream and persimmon cookies.

It should be fun a rather nice feast.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Winter Here

We've been hit with an early snowstorm here.  Pretty much everything was canceled.  Schools and even universities closed.  I pretty much hibernated inside.  I haven't seen this much snow before Thanksgiving since I was in my single digit years.

I did like getting the day off.  This means I get the rest of the week off.  Tomorrow is record day, meaning only the regular teachers work.  They'll do grades, etc.  After that are the two days off for Thanksgiving.  I go back (If I get called) on Monday.

Unfortunately that makes it a light week from a financial standpoint.  

Today's Funny

From Not Always Right:

Navy Seal’s Fate is Sealed



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Working On My First Major Post.

I have no clear idea when it will be ready, but I'm working on a quite long post on how and why I became a gun owner.  I've heard horror stories about blogger eating posts, and by rights, I should be editing on a better editor, and pasting here, but I'm being lazy.  Hopefully it will be ready soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Buying Gold

As things get worse and worse for this country's economic situation, I'm thinking of cashing out the retirement from my former employer, and buying gold.  Why?  Because gold is the safest investment possible.  I may lose money, but I won't loose it all.

My wife is against the idea, and I won't go ahead with it until we're both onboard.  Also, since it's an outsourced retirement fund, I could find another employer that pays into the same retirement fund. I'm just concerned that the dollars in that fund will be worth nothing very soon.

So my dilemma is, do I cash out and loose at least 50% of what is in there, or do I keep it.  If I keep it, I may lose more, but I may be better off in the end. Without knowing what is going to happen with our monetary system, I have no idea what to do, but I'm more and more inclined to play it safe.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Is in Danger -- They WILL Kill Him. He is Exposing Them.

The radical left has taken control of this country, and Glenn Beck has been doing a lot to expose it.  He's called crazy, and  yet the things he predicts keep coming true.  Not long ago, he said that socialists were trying to take control.  He was called crazy.  "There are no more socialists," was the constant refrain.  Now he's showing videos created by the supposedly mainstream left, of people not espousing socialism, but openly espousing communism.

He said that the fed would monetize the debt.  They said that he was fear mongering, and such a thing could never happen in America.  Now the fed has announced that they're monetizing the debt.  The left has gone to great lengths to discredit Mr.  Beck, but he's practically prophetic in his predictions.  Every time they try to discredit him, he gains credibility, because he is so often right.

Now he is running a countdown to the revelation of the "puppetmaster", and revealing the plan. this week.  They can not let this stand.  They now have no choice but to silence him.  He and they know that will only stop things for a while, but they are at a critical juncture.  Mr. Beck has the ear of a huge number of Americans, and he is exposing their agenda at a critical time. 

Now if Mr. Beck is killed, another will step up in his place, but if they can silence him for just a little while longer, they might be able to finish implementing their plan.

Mr.  Beck, please take care of yourself.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Flu Sucks

No much more to say.  I have the flu now, and it sucks.  I'm just happy that I have a wonderful wife who takes good care of me when I'm sick.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Piece of Life Advice

After you're married, and you lose your job, if you can possibly help it, don't move in with your parents, particularly if the house is rather small.  You tend to get on eachother's nerves a lot.

I'm Getting My Confidence Back.

This post requires some background.  As I've stated before, I worked tech support for about 15 years for a university.  As I worked, I gained a lot of confidence.  I became very good at my job.  For reasons I don't want to get into, I upset some powerful people.  I came down on the wrong side of some politics, and took part in exposing some very embarrassing and illegal actions on the part of some of my bosses.  Shortly after that, things at work got very, very bad.

Before long, they started to find a lot of problems with my work.  If anything wasn't perfect, I was called in and reprimanded.  I was reprimanded when my supervisor would find a single chair out of place in a computer lab, or a single piece of paper on the floor.  It didn't matter that I had to take care of labs all over the university campus, and it took a minimum of an hour to even walk to all of the labs.

The abuse I experienced got more and more severe, until I wanted to quit, but I had just gotten married (actually, my  choice of wife was part of their problem with me, but I don't want to get into that right now) and my quitting in the middle of a a recession with unemployment that (when counted using the same criteria) is actually higher than during the Great Depression didn't seem like a good option.  I needed the insurance, and I needed an income, and I didn't feel that I could get a job so easily.  The only way I could get by was to either keep working, or get fired and get unemployment.

I believe that they wanted to make it bad enough that I had to quit.  I was determined not to quit.  The abuse led me to having an anxiety disorder.  I went on Effexor, a drug commonly used for anxiety disorders.  It also has serious side effects, including rather severe sexual side effects that make it rather unpleasant for someone newly married.

When I was finally fired, I fought it.  I took it as far as I could, but I didn't have the money to continue on, so I was forced to abandon my fight.  The blessing however was that I could go off of the meds, and I began to feel better.

What I didn't realize however was just how much my confidence was shattered.  I knew intellectually that I was in the right, but emotionally, I often wondered if it really was my fault.  Since I was fired for incompetence, I wondered if I really was incompetent.

After six months of looking for more tech support jobs, in desperation, I took a substitute teaching job,.  Since then, I have had great success, and generally made the schools I've worked for happy with my performance.  Now I don't pretend that I know much about teaching.  I've never had any training for any kind of teaching, but considering how much training I've had, I feel very good about how I've done.

What I've seen myself do has convinced me that it wasn't me.  It was them.  My confidence is returning, and I am feeling better about myself.  Now I know that I am a competent worker, and can excel at what I try. 

The question is "Now What?"  The way I see it, I have two choices.  I, most likely, can not pursue further action against the university, as the time has run out, so I can either let the whole thing die, or pursue individual lawsuits against my former bosses individually.  It was, after all, their abuse that led to my problem, and they did conspire to fire me without actual cause.  I'm sure that there is something there, but again I would need to hire a lawyer to do it.  Now I do have a good lawyer, but he doesn't work for free, so at the moment I'm stuck.

There are some other options that don't involve the legal system, and they might work.  This particular university is getting hit again and again with charges of corruption.  So far, the local media has covered up for them, so perhaps someone else should step up, and expose all of the problems.

The local paper will occasionally report on the problems there, but they spin it.  They also have a tendency to 'accidentally' delete old stories from their archives. What I did found, however, is that the local library keeps back issues of the newspaper.  Maybe I should go there and extract all of the stories I can find, and put them in an easily accessible location.

I've not had a significant number of visitors yet, but if anyone does find this post, I would appreciate any advice.

Update:  I just ran across the term "Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress".  I'll have to look into that a bit more.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Won!!!

Well, the election is finally over.  Now all we have to do is listen to whining from the Democrats about election fraud, at least until investigations are started and find roughly 100 times the election fraud favoring Democrats, then the investigations will quietly go away (there's always some election fraud, this country is too big not to have some). 

The Tea Parties have had the desired effect.  Fiscally conservative candidates have won in a huge number of races.  His Obamaness himself called it a "shelacking".  One of the few times I can agree with him. 

Now the problem is to not back down.  The Republican party has said that they've heard the message, and are going to do what they've seen that the people want, but we've heard that before.  Newt Gingritch and his "Contract with America," a 'contract' they broke as soon as they won the elections they needed. 

We may have won a pretty good victory here, but it was only a small battle.  Now is the time to really push. The Progressives in both parties don't want to loose the power they've usurped over the last 100 years, but we must take it back from them, and return sovereignty to our constitution where it belongs, and not to the massive bureaucratic machine that simply seeks to interpret anything of any value in the constitution away into nothingness.

We need to increase the pressure over the next two years.  The progressives might back down a little bit, but they have long term goals.  They won't go away until we take control of the country and show those who've been brainwashed by their filth that progressivism doesn't work.

Professor Exposes Federally Funded 'Revisionist' History Confrence has an interesting article up from Professor Penelope Blake, who attended a conference sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Go and read some of the gross bias expressed in the supposedly balanced conference.

Dr. Blake is now urging congress to cut off federal funding for the NEH:

The NEH is requesting an operating budget of 161 million dollars for 2011, including over 71 million to support conferences like the one I have described. I ask that you do everything in your power to delay approval of this request until the NEH does the following:
1. Reviews all NEH conference and workshop proposals and supporting materials to eliminate any overt political agenda;
2. Illustrates to Congress and the American people an ability to create programs which support sound and objective scholarship and provide forums for debate in which all sides are recognized and encouraged;
3. Eliminates all intolerance and pejorative language towards any group or viewpoint;
4. Commits itself to a fair and balanced view of our nation’s history and humanities, acknowledging its mistakes but also honoring its achievements.
I agree with Dr. Blake, but she doesn't go quite far enough.  Federal funding should be cut, not only for the NEH, but to any organization that exhibits such a serious intellectual bias, including federal or state agencies , public or private universities, or any other organization.  Government has no business funding garbage like this with MY tax dollars.  If someone wants to spew vile lies like the "professors" in attendance at this "conference", let them do it with their own money, not mine.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

My wife and I went to this movie a few nights ago.  We originally had no real intention of seeing it, but we wanted a date night, and decided to go to a movie.  This was the only one playing we wanted to see at all. It was a wonderful movie, with stunning 3D special effects.  It reminded me a lot of the Secret of NIMH in it's overall feel, but with a significantly different story.

The Legend of the Guardians, is a fantasy, that not only involves talking owls, but owls that can forge metal, and wear helmets, and metal covers for their talons.  If you can get past that, it is a wonderful little story about good and evil.