Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Just wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.  Probably my favorite holiday.  Christmas would be, but something that should be a more sacred and religious holiday (forgetting for a moment that Christ almost certainly couldn't have been born in winter) is a tribute to conspicuous consumption and commercialism.

Halloween was never a Christian holiday, and although sacred to some, for most people it's just a fun time to dress up and decorate.  We celebrated it yesterday, because it falls on Sunday this year, and we don't do non-sabbath appropriate things on Sunday.

Tonight I'm going to watch "The Real Story of Halloween:" on the History Channel.  I'm sometimes dubious about what comes across the History Channel, but it should be interesting.

If I get around to it, I'll try to post a review.

Welcome to "Recovering From Tech Support"

Hello, I'm FormerTech.  I used to work tech support for a state run university in the northwestern United Staes.  For reasons I don't currently care to explain, I got out of it, and am seeking other opportunities.  I noticed many problems in our current university system, and with both the faculty and administration.  Students aren't coming out of the university educated.  They can parrot socialist-progressive propaganda, but know little about anything else.  The average university senior knows nothing of U.S. history.  I've even heard the argument that the Japanese attack on Perl Harbor was in retaliation for the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. 

If you speak out on any problems however, you must be very careful.  They can't abide opposition, and they're very vindictive when you cross them.  I've seen multiple professors fired, or forced to change departments. 

Of course the University culture wasn't the only problem. Far too many people are morons when it comes to computers.  The problem isn't that they haven't learned as much as I have, but that they refuse to apply logic and intelligence to solving their own problems.

The combination led me to seek mental health care, and put me on multiple anti-anxiety medications.  Almost as soon as I left, I was able to stop the meds, and despite not having money, I'm happier than I've been in years.