Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Needing to Get Away From the Public School System

As I said before, being a substitute school teacher was healing me, but I think that is coming to an end. While I actually like the teaching, I'm burning out on several aspects of subbing:  It is difficult to deal with kids who always want to use a sub to get away with whatever they can.  I hate never knowing where I'm going to sub, and there is just the overall feeling of being an intruder in someone else's classroom.

But these aren't the major problem.  I can't handle the left wing bias.  I don't want to go into too many details, however it seems to me that the major push within the public school system is to indoctrinate the students to a blind obedience (at least during a crisis) and waiting for someone else to save them. Moreover, no questioning among the staff about these, even in private is allowed.  In fact, in my experience, if you don't profess sufficient enthusiasm for the procedures, you are called in on the carpet.

I want to be generous and try to believe that the goal isn't to create a nation of easily led sheep, however I can't even begin to fathom how anyone involved can't see it, so I must conclude that it IS indeed the goal, and that the overall participants fall into a few categories: Those wanting to create a nation of sheep, those who have already become sheep, those who need the work and are willing to compromise their principles, and perhaps a few who are trying to undermine from the inside.

It isn't just the emergencies either.  The curriculum, texts and lessons all seem to be prepared to dumb down the population, and to force a left wing mindset.

There have been several suggestions in my state for ways to reform education, but the only reform that will really work will be to have the parents,taxpayers (for the taxpayers should have some say in what their money goes to fund), and voters to actually know what is being taught and why.  I'm pretty confident that if the general population in my state knew what was going on in the schools, there would be an uproar.  Maybe it's time to expose it.  I just can't be the one to do it.  I can't operate in secret, and that is what would be required.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The UK isn't Alone In Stupidity

In Obamaland, they've banned most lunches brought from home.  Parents are no longer allowed to make decisions for their own children.  Children in "progressive" areas have become wards of the state, with parents as free care providers.  You don't have an option on what to feed them, where to send them to school, and even what you can ideologically teach them is limited.  

This is a perfect example of a government out of control. I say again that the agenda does not seem to be to protect us, but to make sure that we are more easily ruled.

As Bad as the UK Has Become...

I think they've gone beyond anything any comedy writer could imagine.   With a hat tip to Madogre, Britain is now wanting to ban fire extinguishers because, get this, they pose a fire hazard.  The claim is that untrained people might try to fight the fire rather than leave. There is also a concern that someone might use the wrong fire extinguisher on the wrong kind of fire.

Back in the day, the Monty Python gang made fun of bureaucratic stupidity (ministry of silly walks?), but this is something too stupid even for them. 

So now I guess, it's not just guns that pose a hazard to the great unwashed, but fire extinguishers too.  Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it seems more and more clear to me every day that the "progressive" ideal isn't to protect people, but to make people dependent, and incapable of acting without government approval, as a dependent people bleating for security are far easier to rule.