Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Won!!!

Well, the election is finally over.  Now all we have to do is listen to whining from the Democrats about election fraud, at least until investigations are started and find roughly 100 times the election fraud favoring Democrats, then the investigations will quietly go away (there's always some election fraud, this country is too big not to have some). 

The Tea Parties have had the desired effect.  Fiscally conservative candidates have won in a huge number of races.  His Obamaness himself called it a "shelacking".  One of the few times I can agree with him. 

Now the problem is to not back down.  The Republican party has said that they've heard the message, and are going to do what they've seen that the people want, but we've heard that before.  Newt Gingritch and his "Contract with America," a 'contract' they broke as soon as they won the elections they needed. 

We may have won a pretty good victory here, but it was only a small battle.  Now is the time to really push. The Progressives in both parties don't want to loose the power they've usurped over the last 100 years, but we must take it back from them, and return sovereignty to our constitution where it belongs, and not to the massive bureaucratic machine that simply seeks to interpret anything of any value in the constitution away into nothingness.

We need to increase the pressure over the next two years.  The progressives might back down a little bit, but they have long term goals.  They won't go away until we take control of the country and show those who've been brainwashed by their filth that progressivism doesn't work.

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