Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fire Inspector Coming

I've been called to sub for the remainder of the week (4 days) at a local high school.  It's an English class, and there's not really much there to report on, however the last class period today was her prep hour.  Just as 4th period ended (there are 5 class periods), the principal (who was actually one of my teachers), came in and started talking about how to rearrange the room.

Apparently the fire inspector came in and didn't like the arrangement of the room. Now it has to be fixed. I'm the one who will be there to do the manual labor, and to entertain the inspector when he comes. It should be fun. 

I'm not real fond of the idea of rearranging a teacher's room without her input, but I guess I'll have to, since I'm pretty sure the principal outranks her.

UPDATE:  Well, I rearranged the room, and the fire inspector actually liked what I did, as did the Principal.  He thanked me and was grateful.  I've no word on what the teacher thought of it, but I kept the fire inspector off the principal's back, and that's the important thing here. 

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