Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Yardwork Time

It's amazing how a little maturity, and some desperation can make things that were previously tortuously dull, interesting.   

I live on a half acre of property, and I'm pretty sure we're headed for a financial collapse, and I don't think were going to be allowed to do much to actually own anything in the near future, I'm getting into gardening.

Throughout my life I've hated yardwork and gardening.  My parents tried to force me to get interested in it, but I never would.  It wasn't technological, it was boring.

I no longer feel I have an option.  We have a large garden spot, and when the ground dries out, and we can get the grass killed, we will till up a much larger section.

We've begun planting fruit trees, and doing spring yard cleanup as well. We have access to flood irrigation, so we're moving dirt around to keep the water where we want it, and we've set up a supplementary watering system to keep the garden watered when the irrigation water is not available.

I am also working on bigger plans.  I'm looking at beekeeping, and even a greenhouse.  Keeping chickens would be good too. 

If I have access to the land, I want to use it to make myself as independent as possible. 

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