Saturday, March 23, 2013

Movie Review The Amazing Spiderman.

I'm still divided on how I feel about this movie.   While watching it, I found that I didn't care much about the characters.  The action scenes weren't done nearly as well as we've come to expect in action superhero movies, and that may be its biggest problem.

It doesn't compare to some of the better superhero flicks out there. The Dark Knight and The Avengers were truely great movies.  The Dark Knight is something you watch and it leaves you changed just a bit for seeing it.  The Avengers isn't so much, but it is an awesome action fest with characters that (with a couple of exceptions) you actually care about, and the ending fight scene is incredible to behold. 

The Amazing Spiderman, on the other hand is a pretty generic superhero flick.  It seems more like a setup for a sequel than an actual movie, but most movies are that way today.

I also found it rather predictable, the tragic death is blatantly foreshadowed early in the show, and done with a character that you are supposed to hate, then grow to respect at the end.  I found it to just be annoying. 
Peter Parker and his girlfriend are supposed to be in highschool, but they look much older.

On the other hand, there were some messages I did like.  There was a rather overt message about personal responsibility, that although it was grafted in poorly, was still contrary to much of what the liberal elite has been trying to foist off lately, and I like that.

There was also a message about doing the right thing to help out if you can, even if you AREN'T the one who is supposed to, either by nature of being ordained to by the god of government, or selected by being a superhero.  Near the end, Spiderman needs some help, and several other citizens use their own resources to help him reach his goal. This is another good message.  Taking action is the duty of everyone who can, not only some corps of "trained" cops or first responders.

In general however, I found the show to be less than stellar, I would give it 3 stars out of five.

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