Monday, November 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Is in Danger -- They WILL Kill Him. He is Exposing Them.

The radical left has taken control of this country, and Glenn Beck has been doing a lot to expose it.  He's called crazy, and  yet the things he predicts keep coming true.  Not long ago, he said that socialists were trying to take control.  He was called crazy.  "There are no more socialists," was the constant refrain.  Now he's showing videos created by the supposedly mainstream left, of people not espousing socialism, but openly espousing communism.

He said that the fed would monetize the debt.  They said that he was fear mongering, and such a thing could never happen in America.  Now the fed has announced that they're monetizing the debt.  The left has gone to great lengths to discredit Mr.  Beck, but he's practically prophetic in his predictions.  Every time they try to discredit him, he gains credibility, because he is so often right.

Now he is running a countdown to the revelation of the "puppetmaster", and revealing the plan. this week.  They can not let this stand.  They now have no choice but to silence him.  He and they know that will only stop things for a while, but they are at a critical juncture.  Mr. Beck has the ear of a huge number of Americans, and he is exposing their agenda at a critical time. 

Now if Mr. Beck is killed, another will step up in his place, but if they can silence him for just a little while longer, they might be able to finish implementing their plan.

Mr.  Beck, please take care of yourself.

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